Title Notice on separate sale of DAD70 body and parts - January 19th - February 2nd, 12pm

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Posted by : DOLLITS (ip:)

Date : 2024-01-17 11:44:48

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Dollits DAD70 release information

Product for sale: DAD70 body

                       DAD70 parts: big breasts, small breasts, Chest before correction, small feet, big feet, basic hands

                       - 5 types of skin colors (SW, PW, PB, LB, LT)

Order period : January 19th 12:00 (noon) ~ February 2nd 12:00 (noon)Korean time

Two skin colors have been added.

Spring White (SW) -  White skin that is brighter and slightly purple than pink white.

Light Tan [Dollits] (LT) - Dark tan skin considering compatibility


Discounted products - Approximately 10% to 50% discount (limited to the items below)

                             Chest before correction (thick neck) - 2 types of skin colors (PW, LB)

                             DAD70 Body- LT (Macarondoll Skin)

fast shipping items

    - Only a small quantity is available, so it will be delivered first in order of order.

              DAD70 Body-PB

              DAD70 Body-LT (Macarondoll Skin)

             Chest before correction (thick neck)

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